Silks Genesis Avatars NFTs

Silks Genesis Avatars NFT Overview

Project Information

The Silks Genesis Avatar Collection consists of NFTs donning uniforms with their own distinct combination of colors, patterns, and traits which will serve to represent one’s stake in the Silks ecosystem.

Silks were founded by Dan Nissanoff. Dan is a leader in blockchain sports and gaming, a 5X entrepreneur in Web1, Web2, and Web3, as well as a bestselling author.

Silks is the first P2E Metaverse powered by the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. Securing a Silks Avatar will allow one to become part of the Silks community, the game, and the future of thoroughbred horse racing. Silks avatars give holders an early lead in the game of silks and put them ahead of the market to accessing silks horse, exclusive rewards, and a metaverse experience.