Sipherian Flash NFTs

Sipherian Flash NFT Overview

Project Information

The world of Sipheria consists of a few game modes that focus on fighting and exploration, with an end-game goal of creating an Open World Social game secured by the Ethereum Blockchain and an efficient layer 2 scaling solution.

Some aspects the game universe will be offering are PvP and PvE game modes. The ability to fight and level up your characters. Breeding and growing your character. Engage in battles against other players in ranked format to earn rewards, capture, and conquer daily challenges for dual rewards ($ATHER & $SIPHER), which can be used to purchase items within the gameverse. Owning and displaying the most powerful and rare pets as your trophy in both the digital and in the physical world through limited-edition collectibles.

The team consists of Tim Nguyen the World Architect, founders Victor Tran and Loi Luu, Art Director Hai Nguyen, along with over 20 other fully doxxed team members.

Sipher has plenty of backing ranging from companies such as Arrington Capital, DeFiance Captial, Konvoy, Dragonfly Capital, and many more. Their token $ATHER can be used to craft, fuse, and own rare items and pets that will help form your character's legacy within the gameverse. The $SIPHER token will be earned through playing and can be used for their community-based governance. With the backing and big team on board, Sipher could be one of the first projects to deliver a highly functional large gameverse.