Sipherian Surge NFTs

Sipherian Surge NFT Overview

Project Information

Sipherian Surge is a 3D live action RPG, PvE and PvP blockchain game. The game consists of 10,000 unique avatars called Sipherians, the adventurers in the world of Sipheria.

The project is led by Tin Nguyen, an entrepreneur and investor in the blockchain space based out of Vietnam.

Sipher differentiates from other NFT avatar projects with the addition of a Metaverse game where players can control a 3D version of their avatar. The game is a casual fighting and exploration game with an end-game goal of creating an open world social experience. All player's characters, weapons, cosmetic and functional in-game items, resources and achievements in Sipheria are represented by NFTs. Players are able to exchange NFTs within Sipheria's dedicated marketplace, and can own and control land that can be used to establish facilities and buildings.