Skids NFTs

Skids NFT Overview

Project Information

Skids is a collection of 8,888 fugitive, tech-savvy hackers on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ironically named after a derogatory word for low-level hackers, Script Kiddies (or Skids) live in a 90's style world with greater technological innovations than our own. Their ultimate goal is to take down EvilCorp, an evil corporation that rules of their world (and clear reference to hit television series Mr. Robot), and regain control over their lives.

There are more than 300 traits, from technical knowledge to physical appearance, that makes each Skid unique.

Each Skid serves as an access pass to an upcoming, on-chain blockchain game, where your Skid is the character you play as.

The team consists of eight members: Berith (project lead), M1 (marketing lead), Astra (lead developer), Margerita (artist), Daniel (management), Josh (marketing lead), Astlin (marketing lead), and Andy (project lead).