RTFKT Skin Vial: Evo X

RTFKT Skin Vial: Evo X

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About RTFKT Skin Vial: Evo X

The RTFKT Skin Vial: Evo X are 20,000 limited edition sneaker skins for all compatible CRYPTOKICKS. Upon burning of the MNLTH NFT, every RTFKT MNLTH contained one one Skin Vial Evo X (along with one pair of Genesis Cryptokicks, and one MNLTH 2).

The MNLTH NFTs were airdropped to all CloneX and PodX holders for free. This was the first official Nike co-branded product released by RTFKT since they were acquired by Nike in December of 2021.

The skin vials allow holders to upgrade their Genesis Cryptokicks Sneakers with limited edition skins. RTFKT Skin Vials will also allow holders to change the look of any compatible CRYPTOKICKS with limited edition skins.

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