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Sam Spratt's Monument Game: Decoded
Logan Hitchcock

Sam Spratt's "The Monument Game" details have been decoded via a newly released Nifty Gateway collection page, unveiling a captivating communal storytelling experience.

The Deets

  • The Game: A unique interactive competition that uses "Player" tickets to drive storytelling around a central digital painting.
  • The Painting: An intricate 1/1 artwork named "IX. The Monument Game" up for auction.
  • The Ticket: Spratt’s premier editioned work "Player" allows holders to engage in The Game. 205 available for public sale at 3.33 ETH. 
  • The Reward: A prestigious spot in The Council of Luci, awarded to the top three observant players.

The Bulk

"The Monument Game" introduced by Sam Spratt, a conceptual digital art experience, invites players to craft stories and lore, revolving around the central piece - the 1/1 flame. This flame, an embodiment of energy and attention, is surrounded by "The Skulls of Luci" and "The Council," which signify the individuals and leaders attracted to the light. As the stories are narrated, a broader circle emerges, the 256 Players, competing for proximity to the flame.

The game boasts four main pillars - The Game itself, The Painting which is a detailed 1/1 artwork titled "IX. The Monument Game", The Ticket named "Player", and The Reward, where the Council of Luci chooses three exemplary players to join their ranks.

By purchasing a "Player" ticket, valued at 3.33 ETH (or $6.1K), holders are granted the right to interact with 1/1 flame. This interaction is done by leaving Observations on the painting.

As the game progresses, each ticket and its corresponding Observation will be minted as editions of "Player," turning the game into an on-chain event. The Observations then face scrutiny from The Council of Luci, who will decide the game's winners. The top three Players stand a chance to join The Council of Luci, a remarkable honor in the game’s universe.

Post-game, these minted editions will be up for trading. But the ultimate reward – a place in The Council – goes to the ticket holders during the voting process. All game interactions are real-time and will be broadcasted on The Monument Game's social media.

The game culminates with The Council of Luci's deliberations which will take place from August 25-30. Any observation that receives a "like" will move onto a new ranked voting phase which will ultimately determine the winners. Winners will be announced on August 31. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Wow the detail and dedication to your craft and story telling is so inspiring.Ayla El-Moussa to Sam Spratt}

🎬 Take Action

For those eager to be a part of this unprecedented digital storytelling adventure, head over to Nifty Gateway and delve into "The Monument Game" by Sam Spratt. The game will begin on August 21. 

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Thanks to Lucky Trader content team member, Ghost, for helping in decoding the above. 

Sam Spratt's Monument Game: Decoded