Slotie NFT NFTs

Slotie NFT NFT Overview

Project Information

Sloties is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that are modeled after slot machines. They are tickets into the largest and fastest-growing online Casino network on the Ethereum blockchain. After integrating a new online Slotie themed slot game in crypto casinos, Sloties will receive approximately 12% commission from each partner. 80% of this money goes to Slotie NFT holders. The exact share of each Slotie will be linked with the Slotie rarity. Exclusive Holder Rewards (EHR) is a stackable benefit which means the more Sloties you have, the more you receive from the profit sharing. Profits will be transferred periodically to holders in form of WATTs, which holders will be able to exchange for ETH. WATTs are the currency of the Slotie ecosystem, and each Slotie generates 10 WATTs per day.


Additionally, Sloties will have the ability to breed and create another Slotie NFT, named Junior Sloties. Holders will need 1800 WATTs and two Sloties to be able to produce a Junior Slotie. Junior Sloties will work as a multiplier to double the rewards that Sloties holders receive.