Slumdoge Billionaires NFTs

Slumdoge Billionaires NFT Overview

Project Information

Slumdoge Billionaires is a collection of 10,000 dog avatars inspired by $DOGE coin on the Ethereum blockchain.

Holders of a Slumedoge Billionaire NFTs are eligible for such perks as Decentraland wearables, which are airdropped to all holders at random times, access to performances and events in Decentraland that are exclusive to Slumdoge Billionaire NFT holders, and access to members-only Discord channels.

According to the roadmap on the team's site, the project is building what is known as "Bone City" where holders of at least one Slumdoge Billionaires NFT will be able play games and hang out with other holders as well as access to giveaways.