Small Bros NFTs

Small Bros NFT Overview

Project Information

Small Bros has a 7 member team including 3 Candian co-founders Raphael, Xavier, and Kevin that have extensive experience in creating brands, building teams, marketing, and digital strategies, as well as design and front-end development. Other team members are the project artist Edrei, a solidity and back-end dev, and two head moderators. 

SmallBros believe in creating a unique environment and community while combining the physical and digital worlds in a way that will enable all Small Bros to connect with each other, create strong friendships, and foster individual growth. The project roadmap includes a custom VR Hub available to all Small Bros holders where conferences, events, hangouts, games, giveaways, will take place for the Bros to meet and have fun. Small Bros will also have an IRL and VR Merch Store (IRL & VR) that will be a high-end boutique exclusively for the Bros holders.