Sneaker Heads NFTs

Sneaker Heads NFT Overview

Project Information

Sneaker Heads is a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn sneakerheads, made by Ali Dawood. The collection is made up of over over 40 meticulously designed 3D, hand-drawn base models with extreme levels of detail - capturing the look, feel, and style of a sneaker-like never before. Sneaker Heads is the launchpad for a community and collaboration-based infrastructure that will redefine the world of street culture in Web3.

Ali Dawood is the co-Founder and creator of Sneaker Heads. Ali is an artist and architect, who spends his nights developing this personal project. Fares Benouhiba is the other co-founder who is an experienced operator with over 20+ years of experience in music and brand building. He is also the founder of EMF Media and the first Snapchat ambassador in Europe. 

Ali Dawood's vision with Sneaker Heads is to create Web 3.0's largest sneaker community. Sneaker Heads is a canvas for collaborations, physical and digital, and bringing real utility to sneaker head culture.