Society of the Hourglass NFTs

Society of the Hourglass NFT Overview

Project Information

Society of the Hourglass is a unique collection of 8,888 characters that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each character is randomly generated featuring "hundreds" of hand-drawn traits with varying rarity.  The drop will consist of timeline themed characters in three different categories - Citizens, Competitors, Artifacts.  Citizens are also separated into six different sub-tiers including stocksy, skinnys, shadys, smileys, oldies, and juniors.  The SotH team is incorporating community feedback to provide a holder-based lore and storyline that will be released via animated series/film.  Society of the Hourglass has also partnered with Jumpcut Media (Executive Producers) to help deliver the "direct influence" film from our Discord community.  Future roadmap items also include a "Where's Waldo" themed book for holders with early stage names titled "Seek-n-Find" with NFT characters from the Citizen collection.