Solarbots NFTs

Solarbots NFT Overview

Project Information

Solarbots is a collection of 40,000 NFTs founded by @Misotsune and @A_Voidling that will be used in a PvP and P2E game. Along with a P2E game, the team is working on building an entire gameverse for the project.

While there are 40,000 tokens there are only 10,000 mints, with each mint users receive four tokens which will give them a full team that consists of a Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and, Support/Heal.

In Q1 2022 the Solarbots team will unlock the Solarbots collector editions and begin selling housing plots for players and guilds. In Q2 2022 they are starting a webcomic series to implement the backstory of the Solarbots and will begin testing of the combat system.

Later in 2022 they will add social in-game elements as well as a crafting system, along with the production start of a manga series.

By 2023 the project is expected to accomplish the creation of an anime series, release of asset creation API for community-created player/guild housing assets, the ability to build structures on owned land, farming on land, using the resources gained from it to yield income, building arenas to host PvP and PvE battles, ability to discover dungeons on land and rent them out to other adventurers,  and crafting based mini-games as well as Co-Op dungeon exploration.