Sorare Launches Global Cup '22

Sorare Launches Global Cup '22
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Sorare is launching a World Cup-focused fantasy football (soccer) tournament called "Global Cup '22," according to a tweet from this morning.

Here is how it will work.

The game is played exclusively with Common cards. These are free digital player cards available for Managers upon sign-up. These cards can be played but not sold or traded. There are 3 types of cards, varying based on club and National team partnerships.

Managers will need to build a team of 8 players within a budget of 100 points. This must include 2 players each from 4 positions (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward), with no more than 2 players from any single national team.

Each player has a predetermined number of points they will "score" if their team progresses to the knockout stage of the World Cup. This score is calculated based on prior performances for their club and national team, along with the likelihood of advancement.

On every Matchday, managers must select 5 players from their squad to build a lineup. A lineup consists of one Goalkeeper (GK), one defender (DF), one midfielder (MD), one forward (FW), and one additional outfielder (DF, MD, or FW).

Managers will have 3 chances to add up to 4 players to their squad, across these dates:

  • Before the Round of 16: Nov 29 — Dec 3
  • Before the Quarterfinals: Dec 3 — Dec 9
  • Before the Semifinals: Dec 9 — Dec 13

Winning competitions will result in gaining National Team cards to play in future MAtchday competitions.

The Matchday schedule will play out on the following calendar:

During the competition, there will be 2 public leaderboards: one for the Matchday and one Overall Leaderboard tracking the duration of the competition.

Prizes include Special Edition National Series and Limited cards, ETH, signed jerseys, VIP tickets to future matches, and a Zidane Experience for 1st-5th place on the Overall Leaderboard.

After the Global Cup tournament ends, all Common cards selected and won will convert to their equivalent club Common cards for use in Sorare play throughout the year.

For more details on the Global Cup, check out Sorare's introductory blog post.

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