Sorare Makes Training More Interesting

Sorare Makes Training More Interesting
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Sorare recently released an update to its training protocol, making it more interesting and strategic for users.

The Deets

  • Only 3 Training teams must be set
  • Training teams earn 2x the XP
  • Player cards entered into competitions earn XP as normal
  • Unused cards get a flat 75 XP as long as at least 1 lineup is registered in the Game Week

Why It Matters

Sorare is revamping its platform to better entice users to play with their unused player cards. This update is intended to make the Game Week more fun and strategic.

Founder Feedback

Our goal is to turn creating Training lineups into a more interesting strategic decision: who do you enter, and when? In the coming months we’ll be exploring more ways to make Training a fun part of your Game Weeks.Sorare

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