Sorare NBA Announces Unique Auctions, Marketplace Fees

Sorare NBA Announces Unique Auctions, Marketplace Fees
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Sorare made several announcements this morning, including the opening of the NBA Unique Champion competition tier and the implementation of a 5 percent marketplace fee on all manager sales on the NBA and MLB platforms.

The Unique competition is available for Game Week 7, which goes live at tipoff on Monday, Nov. 7. Lineups require at least two Unique cards and up to three Super Rare cards to be eligible. 

15 new 1/1 cards will be auctioned this weekend, including NBA stars Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and Jimmy Butler. 

The 5 percent marketplace fee will go into effect on Monday, applying to sales transactions via the Manager Sales Market and through direct offers. 

Fees on the Sorare Football (soccer) platform will still be covered for "the foreseeable future," according to the blog. 

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