Sougen Builder Pioneer Pass NFTs

Sougen Builder Pioneer Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Sougen Builder Pioneer Pass is a collection of 999 exclusive access NFTs created by Sougen on the Ethereum blockchain. Sougen is creating a web-first metaverse to provide a barrier-free experience for users. The Sougen ecosystem consists of four projects created with the user in mind. The Gen World acts as the main hub of the Sougen metaverse; a singular place for all communities to gather. Within the Gen World is the Sougen Microverses that allows users to completely customize their own world and mint it as an NFT in one click. The Sougen Marketplace acts as a decentralized marketplace directly in the Sougen metaverse where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Lastly, the Sougen Builder is a web-based drag-and-drop editor to create different experiences in a user's microverse. Holders of the Sougen Builder Pioneer Pass NFT is able to unlock private microverses, and vanity URLs, and receive premier access to all Sougen Builder features.