Shades of You NFTs

Shades of You NFT Overview

Project Information

Shades of You is a collection of 7,000 NFTs representing a human's inner world, designed by @mellmenati. The project's goal is to build the biggest group of art connoisseurs and bring them into the metaverse.

Mellmenati is a professional digital illustrator who started as a board game illustrator, but eventually graduated towards digital artwork and book illustrations.

Each Shades of You NFT was created from over two hundred hand-drawn traits. Each NFT is categorized into four different styles: turquoise (common), ochre (semi-rare), b&w (rare), and lilac (ultra-rare). There is also a 1/1 set featuring 20 peculiar characters.

5% of secondary sales will be donated to a charity based on community vote and 30% of secondary sales will be allocated to support artists in the space.