Space Doodles NFTs

Space Doodles NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 10,000 Space Doodles NFTs. Space Doodles are spaceships for the original 10,000 piece Doodles collection.

Each Doodle in the original collection of 10,000 can launch their own personal spaceship that is generated from over 200 audio-visual traits and on-chain stats. It is important to note, the space ships for Space Doodles are a non-dilutive addition, wrapping the original Doodles NFT - not creating a separate, new NFT. 

Space Doodles can be unwrapped to feature just the original Doodle NFT. 

The Doodles team includes @EvanKeast, @ByBurntToast, and @Poopie_Cat

Space Doodles are launched and docked directly from Space Doodles is the first venture into the galaxy to discover joy and rainbow puke. It’s the first, small step in unveiling the Doodles universe to collectors with dozens of spacecrafts designed by Burnt Toast.

All Doodlers can claim their Space Doodle for free and receive its own unique appearance and competencies within their personal spacecraft. Stats like “bladder management” and “piloting ability” define a Doodles competency in Space.