Space Yetis NFTs

Space Yetis NFT Overview

Project Information

Space Yetis is a collection of 4,444 Yeti NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Their story takes place in the year 3022, where all human life has gone extinct and the Yetis survived thanks to their precious $PLASMA. Five Legendary Yetis were minted randomly and the other five were auctioned and transferred to a community wallet for future events and development of the project. 

$PLASMA is launched after mint and can be generated passively without the need to stake a Yeti NFT. Space Yetis will purchase plots of land in The Sandbox for future use and utility. Super Yetis are produced by fusing (breeding) two Space Yetis. 5,555 Super Yetis can be generated and require 650 $PLASMA to fuse. There will also be a future Cross-IP PvP game with PvE mechanics.