Space Riders NFTs

Space Riders NFT Overview

Project Information

Space Riders is a collection of 8,888 NFTs that aim to unify the people of Web3. Holding a Space Rider grants access to several perks and benefits within the projects $STAR ecosystem.

The Space Riders team was founded by visual artist @cabralcf_ and web3 investor @0xZubic. The team also has 5 Discord moderators, a community manager, lead developer, and SR advisor. 

The projects mission is to bring creatives of the Space Riders community to the forefront of the brand. The team envisions Space Riders to be a collective group of visionaries that seek to further adopt the foundation of NFTs & the digital art industry. The project launches the $STAR token & ecosystem in phase 3 of their roadmap. This is followed up with a voting system, exclusive merch, a comic series, and finally the launch if the Riders Resort Play-2-Earn game.