Spells* NFTs

Spells* NFT Overview

Project Information

Spells* is a collection of 3,333 magic NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Spells* are on-chain magic. An experimental attempt to conjure the first NFT with true on-chain utility, and improve the zero-sum dynamics of NFTs and on-chain games.

Spells* uses the ERC-5050 for truly decentralized game building, where the game world becomes the blockchain itself and anyone can build in it.

Spells* has an initial supply of 3,333 tokens, with a continuous Variable Rate Gradual Dutch Auction after that. This is intended to seed an initial player base, while also providing a system to increase adoption and fund the DAO treasury.

100% of Spells* proceeds will be sent to a holder-controlled treasury to be used by the community to fund and support projects building with Spells*.