Splat by Devotion NFTs

Splat by Devotion NFT Overview

Project Information

Splat is a collection of 1,000 soup can NFTs created by Devotion on the Ethereum blockchain. Devotion describes itself as an "episodic project" that was created by Andrew Wang, @sighduck, and @backseats_eth. The genesis project launched by Devotion, Splat plays on the public protest attempt on October 15, 2022, where two activists through a can of soup on a Vincent van Gogh painting. Splat allows holders to "soup" any NFT to create a version of that NFT with soup splattered on top of it. By utilizing the Splat contract, holders can input the NFT contract address and NFT token ID of the NFT they want to soup. The Splat contract extracts the image data of the selected NFT direct from that collection's contract and covers that NFT with digital soup.