Spotlight by Joshua Bagley NFTs

Spotlight by Joshua Bagley NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 625 Art Blocks generative NFTs. Spotlight by Joshua Bagley is inspired by observing projections of light through a glass cup, Spotlight is an abstract exploration of how light interacts with various shapes and forms in 2D space. It has a strong focus on texture and the use of real-world physics as generative rules.

Art Blocks enables generative artists to upload code to a smart contract. This code, written by the artist, randomly generates a piece of artwork. When a collector mints an artwork using the smart contract, the code is run using a unique, random seed. It is impossible for the artist to know this seed up front, so the code must be written in a way that guarantees that the artist’s vision is met for any random input. This constraint means that Art Blocks artists must build algorithms that can produce wildly different, high-quality pieces of artwork that all feel cohesive.

3000 photons spawn on a blank canvas with set direction and velocity. Hidden on the screen, an arrangement of shapes populates the space. When a photon collides with the edge of a shape, it either reflects off or refracts through its surface, changing the photon's direction and color. These photons leave small circles along their path, the only drawn element in the artwork. This painting of light both reveals the hidden forms below and ties their chaotic arrangement together. The resulting image captures the motion and evolution of the light, generating beautiful gradients and layers, and creating the illusion of depth, shadows, and highlights.