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We're Giving Away 20 Allowlist Spots to the Sprite Club Presale!
Lucky Trader Staff

Trying to find your way on to allowlists for upcoming NFT projects? You're in luck! In collaboration with Sprite Club, Lucky Trader is giving away 20 allowlist spots for their upcoming presale.

Hopeful participants can find the entry form and instructions below.

The giveaway entry period will only be live from 6:00 p.m. ET Feb. 11 through 6:00 p.m. ET Feb. 12. With only 24 hours to enter, don't delay!


What Is Sprite Club? 

Sprite Club NFT is a collection of 7,777 sprite avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded by @NonFungibleDon, @TheCryptoClancy, @0feliaNFT, along with 5 other team members. 0felia, the artist and creative director of the project, had a lot of her inspiration for Sprites Club from playing role-playing games where the user was the main catalyst for what followed based on the decisions they themselves had made. In a testament to the role-playing experience, Sprite Club asks that prior to minting users first participate in a personality quiz known as the "Minting Adventure." After they participate in the quiz, the NFT that is minted will be determined by the answers given. Also, to drive a much more community-centered endeavor, 100% of the mints from Sprites Club will be going to users on their allowlist, better known as the "Sprites List" to the existing community. 

This ensures that users and the community will determine the rarities of their NFTs based on their answers, rather than just a randomization process. After completing this, users will enter the Sprite Realm where they were assigned one of five classes: Warrior, Mystic, Adventurer, Muse, and Rogue Sprite. All Sprite Club NFTs will act as the holder's character while going through adventures in the Sprite Realm which looks to bridge the digital and physical world. 

"Our intention is to tell a story in which each individual is as much an author of their own fate as we, the architects of this tale are... however, this is truly only the Prologue to the story we wish to tell, one whose narrative is uniquely personalized to each individual and who's scope is endlessly vast." Sprite Club NFT is keen on the user being immersed in every element of the project, beginning with the minting that is personality-based to the development of the story and the project itself. 



Sprite Club Allowlist Giveaway!

How to Enter to Win a Sprite Club Allowlist! 

1. Log In to Gleam 

The first step to entering the Sprite Club Allowlist giveaway is to log in to the Gleam widget listed above. Otherwise, you can use this link to enter in a new tab. Hopeful participants can log in via Email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter. After having logged in, you'll unlock the ability to enter the giveaway.

Note: Logging in via Twitter creates the smoothest experience for earning extra entries! Lucky Trader requires users log in to Gleam first to discourage multi-accounting and bots. 

2. Complete the Required Steps To Be Entered

Two steps are required to being officially entered into the Fortune Friends Club Giveaway! 

Note: Users who enter the contest multiple times will be automatically disqualified. 

3. Sit Back and Relax

After completing all the required steps, sit back and relax! 

We'll announce the winners after the giveaway period has ended on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 6:00 p.m. ET. 

All winners will first be assigned a special role in the Lucky Trader Discord. Upon receiving their role, users will be given a special invite only link to join the Sprite Club Discord. 

Once inside the Sprite Club Discord, winners will need to create a support ticket and provide their Ethereum address to be added to the presale list! 



We're Giving Away 20 Allowlist Spots to the Sprite Club Presale!