StackedToadz NFTs

StackedToadz NFT Overview

Project Information

Stacked Toadszis a first-of-its-kind stackable and stakable yield protocol combining NFTs, DeFi, and gamification.

In order to mint Stacked Toadz, you first had mint Unstacked Toadz for 0.03 ETH each. Owners had to burn three Unstacked Toadz at a time to create Stacked Toadz. Supply for Unstacked Toadz was capped at 9,999, which limited the max supply of Stacked Toadz to 2,999. Both Unstacked and Stacked Toadz can be staked to earn $STACK. 

Staking Rewards:

  • STACK-ETH LP: total 714,285 STACK/day distributed proportionally amongst stakers, to incentivize liquidity for trading without slippage.
  • Stacked Toadz pool: 50 STACK/day per stack
  • Unstacked Toadz pool: 5 STACK/day per unstacked toad