Starcatchers NFTs

Starcatchers NFT Overview

Project Information

Starcatchers is a collection of 10,000 fun-loving star NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Starcatcher is a celestial being that traverses the galaxy while drawing in people and communities around them. 

The art behind Starcatchers was created by @Beutrec, whose work is inspired by a love of stars and space. Business development is led by @ethmaurice, while @Kamedez leads creative strategy. On March 9, 2022, Beutrec parted ways with the team to pursue his own artist project. Arial Jade (@arialxjade) became the new lead artist for Starcatchers, to help design merchandise and future roadmap items. 

Other members of the team include Allison Harvard, known for her "Creepy Chan" memes that have been turned into NFTs netting over 30 ETH each on Foundation, and Mustache Dave, the community manager with a history in eSports broadcasting and streaming.

Starcatchers began with no roadmap, trying not to overpromise anything and having the ability to stay flexible. Some plans that have been hinted at are governance, merchandise, and real-life events that will be exclusive to Starcatcher holders.