Starcats NFTs

Starcats NFT Overview

Project Information

Starcats is a collection of 1512 fascinating 3D-generated cats with stunning textures, patterns, and pendants, all wrapped into an unmistakable iconic look.

The project was founded by artist/creator Mason Crowe. The developers of the project come from web3 digital studio Metaseed Labs. 

Starcats can be burned for evolved NFTs in the future with other benefits including giveaways, discounts, and exclusive access to STARCAT projects, stores, and more. The team will be manufacturing real-life collectible starcat figures, starcat holders will get early access along with exclusive deals and giveaways for the collectibles. Starcats is a project focused on community and longevity with a team that will constantly be growing, expanding, and rewarding those who stick along for the ride.