Storyverse NFTs

Storyverse NFT Overview

Project Information

Storyverse PLOTs are a collection of 3,000 non-fungible, transferable, scarce digital assets that bring ones NFTs to life. PLOT ownership is immutably stamped on a blockchain-based ledger, giving the community custody over these scarce assets and control over their collective self-expression. People who own a PLOT can create and publish a story that can be consumed in any browser on the web.

Holders can tell their story with the first narrative protocol for NFTs. Storyverse is built to engage communities, immerse audiences, and build one's world in collaboration with hundreds of other enthusiasts, Storyverse PLOTs put holders in control of their story.

There are two primary digital assets in the Storyverse: INK and PLOTs. INK is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is the main utility token and the currency of the Storyverse's ecosystem. It is also a governance token.

Storyverse content creators will use no-code game publishing tools, including rigged and animated characters, text composers, a choice engine, and other features that allow users greater options for self-expression.

Value the Storyverse delivers to PFP communities:

  • The decentralized, community-owned economy aligns incentives across the ecosystem
  • Publishing tools facilitate new modes of community expression
  • A codified licensing protocol reduces ambiguity and helps unlock economic opportunity
  • DAO-based governance empowers community members to determine project direction
  • New revenue opportunities help support creators