Strange Times By Ahal & Magi NFTs

Strange Times By Ahal & Magi NFT Overview

Project Information

Strange Times By Ahal & Magi is a collection of 7,777 Misfit NFTs roaming in the Ethereum blockchain.

The project was created by acclaimed visual artist, musician, and DJ producer Ahal Eden and author Magi Otsri. 

The story of the misfits will be adapted into a series of audio-visual books. The audio-visual books are digitally narrated stories, accompanied by music, animations, and illustrations. Before the release of each episode, the team will raffle off the collection items that will be featured in the next episode. Other utilities for holders include airdrops of musical NFTs composed by Ahal Eden, an original soundtrack by Ahal Eden, Tattoo templates, collabs with well-known and promising artists & musicians, and a streetwear clothing line on the Misfits' retro-style outfits. The project also plans to introduce staking and $Limbo token in the future.