Zipcy's SuperNormal NFTs

Zipcy's SuperNormal NFT Overview

Project Information

Zipcy's are 8,888 Generative NFTs that represent individualism by portraying elements of the diverse and unique and encompassing a variety of human identities and emotions. 

Zipcy's is made up of a 6-person team including the artist, operations, developers, and web design. The artist, Zipcy is from Seoul, South Korea. She is an illustrator who has done illustrations for many major projects with Netflix and Disney, among others.

The inventive works of Zipcy's are composed of six comprehensive styles, encompassing a variety of human identities and emotions. The collection seeks to invoke the viewer's interpretation of the art, through the personification of each piece and the features that make each "SuperNormal". SuperNormal aims to engage the growing number of Asian communities and members in the NFT space.  The Zipcy's Metaverse (ZMV) will include the purchase and development of an exclusive estate in Decentraland where fun events exclusive to SuperNormal holders as well as some to the public will be held.  While this initial collection is Season 1, in Season 2 the team will introduce a new line of SuperNormals which will be a collection of up to 20,000 mints with a larger variety of traits to be introduced. Up to 8,888 Han Yak (Korean Potions) will be free to claim for all Season 1 holders, and the rest put up for pre/public sales. Consuming a Han Yak will allow one to participate in an exclusive fashion game, granting a user access to 20-30 random, new traits to dress their Season 2 SuperNormal. The team also has a very exciting plan for "ZIPS' Merch", available exclusively to SuperNormal holders. This will be varying products from streetwear to signed posters.