Superordinary Friends x TRNZ NFTs

Superordinary Friends x TRNZ NFT Overview

Project Information

Superordinary Friends x TRNZ is a collection of 2,500 food-loving character NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is founded by directors of Alinea Collective, which is an award-winning creative studio handling international food campaigns while working alongside luxury hotels and food brands. The art for the collection was created by TRNZ, a visual artist from Manila, Philippines. Each NFT in the collection can be found holding different iconic food items and quirky outfits. Holders of the Superordinary Friends x TRNZ NFT collection are able to take advantage of a bunch of utilities, both in-person and digital. Some utilities offered to holders include access to special food-tasting menus, a food photography masterclass, a culinary masterclass, discounts from brand partners, and much more.