Survival by Kevin Abosch NFTs

Survival by Kevin Abosch NFT Overview

Project Information

Survival is a collection of 500 art NFTs created by conceptual and crypto artist Kevin Abosch on the Ethereum blockchain. Abosch utilized machine-learning algorithms to digest vast amounts of historical data related to human rights abuses and atrocities. The back and forth between Abosch and the computer culminates in hexadecimal alphanumerics that are obfuscated. Abosch ultimately utilizes the results of this process to hand paint the 500 different paintings that make up the collection. Once painted, each painting was photographed by an iPhone 13 Pro Max which was then minted as an NFT. There was no public auction or sale for any Survival NFT, rather Abosch initially held all 500 NFTs and chose whether to accept an offer on any specific NFT in the collection.