The Swampverse NFTs

The Swampverse NFT Overview

Project Information

A collection of 9600 toad avatars used to generate $TOKEN. Holders will yield $TOKEN through holding/staking their toad. Uses for $TOKEN are you can fuse 2 of your toads together using a $TOKEN to receive a mysterious swamp creature, use them in the Swampville store to purchase merch such as hoodies, t-shirts, and collectibles, and use them to unlock a Voxel avatar for your toad which can be used in The Sandbox.

Per the roadmap, they will reveal on OpenSea after selling out and will be on rarity tools after that as well. At 75% minted the merchandise store will open and 50% of the merch supply will be gifted to holders. After a complete sell-out, you will be able to begin staking your toads. The team consists of 0xWart, SV_Ogre, and NFTJunkie who all can be found on Twitter.