Tableland Rigs NFTs

Tableland Rigs NFT Overview

Project Information

Tableland Rigs is a collection of 3,000 generative NFTs built from 1074 handcrafted works of art for the builders and creatives of cyberspace.

The story behind Tableland Rigs takes place in 2133, where the metaverse is ubiquitous and the singularity caused a re-permissioning of cyberspace. The sentients exist in the great megalopolis known as The Grid.

Rigs are divided into eight mission-specific Fleets, each containing a different number of Originals. There are 66 Originals total.

The Fleets and their number of Originals include:

1. Titans (11 Originals)

2. Tumblers (9 Originals)

3. Sleds (8 Originals)

4. Edge Riders (10 Originals)

5. Tracers (6 Originals)

6. Hoppers (8 Originals)

7. Airelights (8 Originals)

8. Foils (6 Originals)