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The OG (original garage) Social Club is an NFT collection created by Tai Lopez. The collectioon consists of three different membership tiers correlating to different access and utilities. The OG Social Club provides NFT holders access to entrepreneurs and mentors via different events and training courses.

The Silver Tier OG Social Club NFT provides holders access to the NFT Holders-only hotel, restaurant, and club, along with pop-up event and discord access. The Gold Tier OG Social Club NFT provides holders access to Tai Lopez's friends and business partners through different group events. Additionally, all Gold Tier NFTs include Silver Tier utilities and access to a holders only brunch prior to The OG Conference. Lastly, the Black Tier NFT grants holders the ability to have 1-on-1 access directly with Tai Lopez. Some special events include a 1 hour book buying spree with books purchased by Tai Lope for up to $1,000 or a shoutout by Tai Lopez on his social media.

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