TBAC NFT Overview

Project Information

The Boring Ape Chronicles by Timpers are a collection of monotonous ape adventure stories starring the communities favorite Bored Apes. 10% of all primary sales are donated to #BAYC approved charities.

The projects artist is Oliver Timperley, a 21 year old digital artist and animator with a passion for pixel art. Oliver graduated with a degree in graphics and animation and is now focused on developing his profile and career in the NFT art community.

Series 1 is comprised of six unique artworks that see the apes embark on a quest for the diamond fleece, a sacred artifact and the ultimate source of power and wisdom.

Additionally, the artwork is supplemented by detailed stories and lore, all of which place the apes into an immersive, and adventurous world. Each story is told through a series of interconnected images and narrative with only 100 editions of each artwork available.