Anata NFTs

Anata NFT Overview

Project Information

Anata is a collection of web3 identity NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Anata NFT is a brand new form of digital identity.

It's the first NFT where a person can literally be the NFT. Anatas use one's webcam or phone camera to mimic his or her movements exactly. When a user speaks, their Anata speaks. When a user blinks, their Anata blinks. Moving your head back and forth, raising your eyebrows, and squinting your eyes is all reflected immediately by the Anata. Each Anata is bundled with a set of emotes so holders can be extremely expressive with fire eyes, anger, peace signs, shame, heart eyes, and more. Holders can use their Anata avatar for work meetings, community calls, TikToks, game streaming, vtubing, vlogs, and more.

After mint, the team will be providing a series of guides and live classes for holders called “The Anatacademy”, led by founder, and streamer Big D Senpai. The goal of Anatacademy is to teach holders everything there is to know about using their Anata in any way they choose. They will teach owners how to master tools like VTube Studio, OBS, and the one-click extension.