The Blitnauts NFTs

The Blitnauts NFT Overview

Project Information

The Blitnauts are the first official expansion pack for Blitmap, a community-crafted, sci-fi project created and written by Vine founder Dom Hofmann.

Sworn to protect the Blitmaps, the Blitnauts are a faction of sentient robot heroes sent to our world to fend off their (yet to be announced) enemies.

Who are the Blitnauts? Who are their enemies? Why are they protecting the Blitmaps? All these questions will be answered as the project's lore is revealed.

Blitnauts are customizable and can be minted 1:1 for all Blitmap holders. When a Blitmap is used to create a Blitnaut, its attunement trait switches from unattuned to attuned.

There are 10 base Blitnauts: Roscoe, Quark, Teddy, Kitt, Cici, Dex, Argo, Charlie, Raz, and Fizz.

Like Blitmaps, all Blitnauts are released as CC0 public domain, which means they're free to use in any capacity, and all metadata is stored entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.