The Catalina Whale Mixer NFTs

The Catalina Whale Mixer NFT Overview

Project Information

The Catalina Whale Mixer is a collection of 5,555 Whale NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

The project team has years of experience working across music and entertainment, and plans to create "the most epic party the crypto world has ever witnessed". The plan is for the first Catalina Whale Mixer to be hosted at an undisclosed West Coast location in 2022.

The Catalina Whale Mixer is a Web3 global entertainment franchise, created for all Whales; in life, in business, and in culture. The Catalina Whale Mixer is a creative universe inclusive of television, music, events, and collectibles. The project team plans to develop a 30-minute animated episodic adult comedy series in the world of the Catalina Whales by working with some of the world’s best television writers, animators, and production partners.