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Ryan Carson Shares Details for New Project, Coming Q3 '23
Lucky Trader Staff

Notable NFT personality, fund manager, and host of a leading NFT morning spaces, Ryan Carson, has shared new details for his upcoming project on today's episode of "The Daily Dose."

Ryan has been issuing POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs during each morning show for the past few weeks, with an indication they would come in handy for his upcoming project. That was confirmed this morning early in his show, along with some new information on supply and price.

Here are the new details:

  • Supply: 999 NFTs
  • POAP holders supply: 799
  • 121G Fund supply: 100
  • Treasury + Advisors supply: 100
  • Price: free mint + gas on ETH

The POAP holders will be ranked by number of POAPs held to qualify for the 799 spots.

Not much else is known about the project at this time, other than it is still a long time away - coming in Q3 2023.

Ryan Carson Shares Details for New Project, Coming Q3 '23


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