ESION Club NFT Overview

Project Information

ESION Club is an artist-led web3 brand focusing on art, music, and storytelling with a collection of 6,000 unique NFTs that will explore the world of ESION and the Dream Catchers.

The founding members of ESION originated from diverse fields of expertise, banding together to create a decentralized IP that possesses a uniquely distinct flavor in the world of Web 3.0. Founder Mommyson led the Korean hip-hop label “Beautiful Noise.” Artist MLin_D has worked as a Character Artist for a gaming company for over 10 years.

ESION will make comic strips into official webtoons with fun and exciting stories to grow the IP. Furthermore, the team will create a music label founded in the Dream World that will release music on a regular basis with the proceeds going to the community. The ESION team is also using their game industry experience to explore the possibilities of how ESION could expand on making an original game.