The Eternal Pump by Dmitri Cherniak NFTs

The Eternal Pump by Dmitri Cherniak NFT Overview

Project Information

The Eternal Pump is an Art Blocks Playground collection of 50 NFTs by Dmitri Cherniak. 

Art Blocks is the premier curation platform for generative art on the Ethereum Blockchain. While participating in drops on the Art Blocks platform, users mint unique, random iterations of each project, effectively creating their own 1/1 with each mint. Art Blocks Playground provides a place for artists that have been formally accepted into the Art Blocks Curated collection to deploy a project of their own. Playground projects do not receive official endorsement by Art Blocks and they are not curated. Artists participating in Playground drops must have officially dropped a curated project prior. 

The Eternal Pumps slogan is "Don't fight it, Just respect it". The collection was created by Dmitri Cherniak with Javascript and GLSL. Dmitri Cherniak describes automation as his artistic medium.