The Greats NFTs

The Greats NFT Overview

Project Information

The Greats is a 4,608-edition project from a notorious art forger, organized by the team behind Hashmasks. In 2011, Wolfgang Beltracci was sentenced to six years in a German prison for selling fake works of artists such as Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendork and Kees van Dongen. In 2014, he was released, agreeing to only do works in his own name. Beltracci has now teamed up with Collecta to create a new collection based on Leonardo da Vinci's alleged work "Salvator Mundi," reimagined in the styles of other masters.

The last-price Dutch auction will start at 10,000 ETH and end at 3 ETH. 

Hashmasks owners will receive a 1 ETH discount on the mint.