The Lizard Lab NFTs

The Lizard Lab NFT Overview

Project Information

The Lizard Lab is a community-based storytelling experiment combining puzzles, expansive lore, and 5,000 lizard experiment NFTs, randomly generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Michael Hirshon is the artist behind Lizard Lab. Michael has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands, publishers, and publications, including The New York Times, Google, Harper Collins Publishers, Amazon, The Atlantic, Forbes, and more. He has exhibited artwork throughout the United States with a global network of collectors.

The Lizard Lab roadmap will begin with an Art Book crafted by Michael, featuring a mixture of original illustrations, sequential narratives, and collected primary sources that outline the lab and its extensive lore. Further milestones on the roadmap include exclusive merch, community events, artist live streams, and holder-only discord channels.