The NFT League NFTs

The NFT League NFT Overview

Project Information

In The NFT League, NFT athletes use stats from professional football players to score fantasy points for their team in weekly contests. Each NFT athlete minted will include, team location, jersey number, position, point multiplier ability, and a randomly generated football suit. An NFT athlete’s rarity can be determined by the statistics of the NFT athlete, the multiplier ability associated with the athlete, and visual appearance. Any holder of an NFT athlete has full ownership and is able to sell, trade, or play them in weekly contests for their entire career. 

The project was founded by Ricky Sanders who is a content creator and a partial owner of Elite Fantasy and Jo Vu along with their lead developers John Battista and ZT.

The NFT League has divided up the contest into 3 separate contests with only one token being able to be used in one of them to level the playing field and give every user the ability to compete and get a chance to win instead of exclusively catering to whales. Their point multipliers ranging from 1.1 to 1.5 helps prevent ties and helps give more value to each individual token. With the style of fantasy being a dynasty format there is also value to those who are not looking to actively participate as you can sit on young players and watch their value appreciate as they become a more valuable fantasy asset.