The Odd Dystrict NFTs

The Odd Dystrict NFT Overview

Project Information

There are 7,999 The Odd Dystrict (TOD) NFT's giving you access the exclusive community known as TOD-army. 

The Odd Dystrict  is a team of 5 with two marketers, a developer, a front end person, and the Artist known as Derog.

The Odd Dystrict has a unique lore around the 7,999 NFT's in which a cataclysmic event wiped out 99.97% of the population and left the planet ravaged by radioactive matter, leaving us with the 7,999 Oddys that remain on the Ethereum blockchain. The Odd Dystrict team aims to connect with other projects that share a similar vision as part of their 6 phase plan for the project in addition to community contests and events.