The Picaroons NFTs

The Picaroons NFT Overview

Project Information

The Picaroons are "a mutley crew of eight animal vagabonds thrown together by chance & fate and long since deceased, their deeds and names live on in ghostly form and in their pirat’ diasporaah."

The Picaroons is created by a Bristol based muralist & illustrator @LucasAntics, @BlockMarkTech, who are the creators of OG Gem NFTs, and are advised by @pranksy who is a widely known collector of NFTs and creator of NFT Boxes.

The Picaroons planned utility include:

  • Picaroon Mural Artwork
  • IRL Picaroon Street Art
  • Treasure Hunts for Hidden Gems
  • Events & Beach Art between the tides
  • Picaroon Merch
  • Many Partnerships
  • Find out more by reading the Log Book