The Real Goat Society NFTs

The Real Goat Society NFT Overview

Project Information

The Real Goat Society is a unique collection of 10,000 goat NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  The project consists of 9,000 generative goats and 1,000 hand-drawn goats, each representing different "Greatest-of-all-Time" characters with references to sports, music, pop culture, and history. Goat owners will have the opportunity to attend multiple scheduled events where you can burn three goat NFTs at a chance to receive an "iconic or rare goat", making this a deflationary project.

Roadmap items include a two-phase "herd development program", where token owners will be able to use their goats as characters in an "endless runner game" to be released via IOS and Android.  The goats will be able to collect tokens and easter eggs that allow holders to unlock grand prizes and new NFT collectibles (

There are already hints of a "Season 2" - more information to be delivered after successful completion and launch of the mobile game.