The Squishiverse NFTs

The Squishiverse NFT Overview

Project Information

Squishies are a collection of 8,888 incredibly cute slime, blob-like NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are an homage to the many slime references typically seen in popular Asian culture. Holding these Squishies will bring never-ending returns of art and the opportunity to support and help artists flourish, as well as an opportunity for metaverse integration.

The face of the project is an artist named FourLeafClover, who has seen exponential growth within the NFT space. The community will scout out extremely talented artists, and kick start their journey into the NFT space and give them their well deserved exposure. The founding team consists of Boneboy, Mooney, Jah and Lew. Additionally, Wab is on the founding team as an advisor.

FourLeafClover is a Thai artist who found love and support from Web3 after losing her teaching job due to COVID. She had found her way into communities and felt immediate love towards her art and kindness. Through the abundance of work she has done for these communities and individuals, we have seen her flourish in the NFT space and finally get the platform she deserves. She is the true embodiment of the Squishiverse vision. The Roadmap consists of charitable donations, metaverse integration, animation and manga, and providing funding and support for artists to create their own collections.