Vogu MUTTs NFT Overview

Project Information

A 7,777-edition companion claim for the Vogu Collective. This companion drop was free to claim for Vogu collective holders.

Jason Trinidad (@Jaiv1) is the artist and co-founder behind the project, which was started years ago with his first series featuring portraits of a handful of cyberpunk humanoids outfitted in contemporary streetwear fashions. These initial portraits served as the inspiration for the Vogu project.

Vogu MUTTs are the Vogu Collectives first companion drop. The project contains randomized Multi-Utility Terra Trekking Systems, small animal-like utility bots often used for mining, redesigned, and repurposed for recreation, entertainment, and companionship. Vogu promised this as a gift to holders of the original Vogu Collective NFT collection. These companions will give holders access to Vogu Collective lore.